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Steal These Headlines: 35 Blog Post Ideas for Your Local Business

Last updated 3 years ago

Building a dynamic web presence through a combination of a website, a dynamic blog or content hub and a consistent social media presence on sites like Twitter and Facebook can help your local business get discovered online by local consumers. To do this effectively, you need a regular, unique, fresh stream of content to fuel your web presence and help generate consumer engagement. That means creating content that search engines and humans love. But generating content ideas can be challenging, not to mention time consuming.  So, we put our content marketing creativity to work for you to generate 35 headline ideas you can  blog about for your local business today!

Informational & Industry Expertise
One of the top reasons to create content is to help share your expertise with clients and consumers. For example, a jewelry store could share tips on how to identify a high-quality diamond. Try one of these headline ideas to get you started writing an expertise-driven article:

1) 5 Effective Ways to (Blank)
2) What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next (Product/Service)
3) 7 Keys to Identifying a Quality (Product/Service)
4) What Everyone Needs to Know About (Product/Service)
5) A Beginner’s Guide to (Product/Service)

How-Tos & Product Info
Customers enjoy content that helps them get the most out of the product or service they’re buying from you. For example, a spa owner could share tips on how clients can get the best stress relief on the day of a massage. Here are five headlines to spark your imagination:

6) A Quick Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your (Product/Service)
7) The Best Way to Maintain Your New (Product)
8) How to Reduce Stress by Outsourcing (Service)
9) 5 Easy Ways to Extend the Life of Your (Product/Service)
10) 3 Steps for Ensuring (Service) Quality

Customer Testimonials
Sharing the story of a satisfied customer is one of the best types of content to share with customers or prospects. Not only does it feature your products or services, but it also helps illustrate to readers exactly how your business could help them, too!

11) How A (Business Name) Customer Accomplished (Desired Outcome)
12) Customer Spotlight: (Customer Name) Uses (Product/Service) to (Desired Outcome)
13) Can (Product/Service) Help You (Desired Outcome)? One Customer’s Story
14) 5 Ways (Product/Service) Helped (Client/Customer) with (Desired Outcome)
15) They Love Their (Product/Service)! What One Customer Had to Say about (Business Name)

Promotional & Editorial
Editorial content is the opinion of the person writing it, and promotional content is essentially an advertising message, so it’s often best to try these kinds of headlines when the business owner or a credentialed expert is the one writing the content. Here are some headline ideas for creating promotional articles:

16) Why Everyone Needs (Benefit of Service or Product) And How (Product/Service) Can Help
17) What’s (Product/Service)? A Quick Introductory Guide
18) Need Help With (Problem)? How Our Specialists Can Help
19) How Does (Product/Service) Work? Our Experts Explain it All
20) Why (Product/Service) Is A Good (Problem) Solution

Inside Your Business
Many consumers enjoy supporting local businesses because they’re supporting a business that employs and invests in the local community. So articles that bring your business to life can be great content ideas. Here are a few headlines to get you started:

21) A Day in the Life of a (Business Name ) Employee
22) (Business Name) in the Community: How We Get Involved in (Community Name)
23) Behind the Scenes: What is (Business Name) Doing this Week?
24) Congratulations, (Employee Name)! (Business Name) Announces (Employee Accomplishment)
25) Out and About: Where to see (Business Name) in (Community Name) This Month

Timely & Seasonal
Writing content that plays off of a timely or seasonal theme can be a great way to grab the attention of readers. Is there a celebrity whose name is in the news? Is an upcoming holiday getting a lot of buzz? A new research report about your industry? These headline ideas can help you make the most of timely topics:

26) The (Celebrity Name) Guide to (Blank)
27) This Just In: Report Shows The Benefits of (Product/Service)
28) (Holiday) is Almost Here! Make Sure You Get Your (Product/Service) In Time
29) New Report Shows (Product/Service) Boosts (Desired Outcome)
30) It’s Almost (Season)! What You Need to Know About (Product/Service) This Time of Year

And last but not least, the controversial headline is a popular content type. Not for every businesses (or for the faint of heart!), these headlines are catchy so that they get read and shared broadly. But be warned: they can also invite a lot of commentary, including negative comments. So, if you choose to select a controversial topic, be ready to vigilantly monitor the conversation around your brand to see how people respond. And make sure that what you write isn’t offensive, libelous, or defamatory to any entities (including competitors) and that you stick with the facts.

31) The Idiot’s Guide to (Product/Service)
32) Are You a (Problem) Victim? How (Product/Service) Could Help
33) Warning! How Not to Use (Product/Service)
34) (Product/Service) for Dummies: Everything You Wanted to Know But Never Asked
35) 5 Signs Your (Product) Is A Fake

 So, there you have it! Thirty-five blog post headlines, topics and ideas to help you get started with your content marketing to build a more robust web presence for your local business. Have you tried any of these ideas? What’s worked? Share your content marketing insights in the comments!

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