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    ReachLocal Presents the Official ReachCast Video: Web Presence, Search, Social Media and Reviews

    Last updated 3 years ago

    How can ReachCast help your local business build a dynamic web presence, optimize organic search discovery, market your business with social media, and manage your online reputation?

    This video will walk you through the ReachCast service, introduce you to our service team of Web Presence Professionals, and explain how our powerful combination of proprietary technology and expert service can help you market your local business online. It also shares stories of ReachCast clients who have boosted their online reputation, built their fan and follower base, and improved organic search discovery.

    Can ReachCast Help Your Local Business?
    If you’re interested in learning more about how your local business can work with a Web Presence Professional through the ReachCast service, feel free to
    contact ReachLocal today.

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    About the Author
    Tiffany Monhollon writes about social media, marketing, and small business success as the lead blogger for ReachCast.

    Behind the Scenes with ReachCast Web Presence Professional Germaine Paul

    Last updated 3 years ago

    In this series, we are sharing a behind-the-scenes look at a Web Presence Professional who delivers the ReachCast service to our clients, powering social media marketing, reputation management, and organic search discovery.

    Today, we’re talking with Germaine Paul, one of ReachLocals’ first Web Presence Professionals (WPPs), about what it’s like to be a WPP and how he helps clients market their business using social media.

    In your words, how do you describe what ReachCast provides and how your role as a Web Presence Professional plays into that?
    Germaine: “I like to say you should imagine the Internet as a football stadium. There’s a Facebook seating section, a Twitter section, a Cast page section, a YouTube section, etc. When we publish something using ReachCast, it’s putting the message on the Jumbotron. ReachCast is that giant screen at the football stadium, and as a Web Presence Professional, I’m the person who puts that message out there for you. I help implement the strategy and technology to optimize your web presence.

    Why do you think it’s important for local business owners to build and optimize their web presence?  

    Germaine: “Working with small business owners every day, I’m a firm believer in a dynamic web presence. I’ve seen firsthand how this can help them own their brand in search results. Local businesses need to be found in many different places in order to compete, and having a web presence gives them a huge competitive advantage in the online marketing space.”

    What’s one of your go-to pieces of advice you share with small business owners getting started using ReachCast to build their web presence?
    Germaine: “It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s like a workout plan. You can’t expect to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks. It takes a combination of the right plan – diet, exercise, and a consistent commitment over time. Then you get the results. With ReachCast, we take that same approach. You really have to start out building the foundation, and with a team effort, we work together to build your results over time.”

    What’s one of your favorite client success stories so far?
    Germaine: “During the holidays, one of my clients was raising money for a child who needed a liver transplant. They agreed to raise half the money that was needed for the procedure. So, I created a post about their effort and shared it on their Twitter, Facebook, and their Cast page, and thanks to us spreading the word on their social media outlets, they were able to raise more than half of the money for the transplant!”

    How have you helped a client increase their fans and followers on Twitter or Facebook?
    “A strategy I implemented for one of my clients who wanted more fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter was to e-mail their existing database of clients. I crafted the email to not only ask consumers to follow them on Facebook, but I provided some instructions for how to get started on Twitter as well, for those who might not have an account. I also developed a flyer listing their social pages and icons that their service professionals could hand out at appointments, so they could tie the online to the offline. In just two weeks, their fan count on Facebook grew from 3 to 99, and their Twitter followers went from 10 to 40!”

    What’s the most common mistake businesses make when it comes to social media marketing? How do you think ReachCast can help them address that?
    Germaine: “The biggest mistake I see when it comes to social media marketing is believing that numbers drive the success of your online presence. In reality, it’s more than just having a big number of followers on Facebook or Twitter. You have to be engaging, creating compelling content, engaging with customers, building a web presence that helps people discover you online to help you develop new customers, too. That’s exactly where ReachCast comes in. I help create compelling content, engage with current and potential customers, and really bring your business to life online.”

    What’s your favorite part of being a WPP?
    Germaine: “I love waking up every morning knowing I’m going to work to make a difference and ultimately help my clients grow their business.”

    Can a Web Presence Professional Help Your Small Business?

    If you’re interested in learning more about how your small business can work with a Web Presence Professional through the ReachCast service, feel free to contact ReachLocal today.

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    About the Author
    Tiffany Monhollon writes about social media, marketing, and small business success as the lead blogger for ReachCast, a service that helps local business owners develop their web presence.

    The New Facebook Pages: 10 Things You Need to Know

    Last updated 3 years ago

    If you have logged into your Facebook Page recently, you may have noticed that the site is in the process of launching a new layout for Pages that looks very similar to the recent Profile redesigns. But the new Page updates are more than simply design changes. Many of the updates will affect the way a Facebook Page administrator interacts with the Page – and how fans interact as well.

    If you’re curious but not sure you’re ready to change yet, you can “take a tour” to preview what your Page will look like prior to permanently switching to the new layout. These changes will automatically be launched across all Facebook Pages on March 10. So, we created this list of 10 important changes you need to know about the new Pages – including changes to look and feel, user activity, and administrator interaction.

    Look & Feel

    1) Photos Give Life to Your Page.

    Just like with the recent Facebook Profile redesigns, photos are featured on the new Page layout front and central, at the top of the page. This offers more visibility to images you use to showcase the personality of your brand. It also means that Brand Pages that are more frequently uploading photos will demonstrate a thriving, dynamic web presence, while those with no photos may be viewed as not invested in truly participating in social media.

    2) Tabs Are Featured on Sidebar.

    Facebook tabs will no longer be featured on the top of the Page. Instead, they’ll be placed below the Page’s avatar image on the left sidebar. For businesses that have had custom tabs and landing Pages created on Facebook, it will be important to think about the strategy for driving traffic to those tabs.

    3) Page Avatar Image Size Changes to 180 by 540 Pixels.

    Once you change over to the new Profile, the avatar image will resize to the dimensions 180 by 540 pixels. Now that tabs are featured on the sidebar rather than the top of the Page, designing a Page image means seriously considering the optimal length of a Page image, because the longer the image, the further down the Page your tabs will be.

    4) You Can Change your Page Category and Add a Subcategory.

    In the past, when you initially set up a Facebook Page, the category you selected was permanent. Now, you’ll be able to change to any category, and you can now select a subcategory, giving you different options for the type of information you can provide in your Page description. Simply go to “Edit Page” and choose “Basic Information” to make this change.

    User Activity

    5) The Default Wall Setting Shows Everyone’s Posts.

    Your Facebook wall will be getting a facelift too, and content posted to your wall will no longer be purely chronological. Now, it will be weighted using an algorithm that orders posts by what’s “most interesting,” giving fans more exposure and creating a greater need to monitor what’s happening on your Page. If you want to change this setting so that the wall posts created by your Page are the default for what is shown on your wall, go to “Manage Permissions” and select “Only Posts by Page” from the “Wall Tab Shows” dropdown menu. Users will be able to toggle back and forth between messages from “Everyone” and messages from just your brand using links located on the upper right hand side of your wall.

    6) Comments and Posts Can Ping Email Notification.

    Luckily, given the enhanced visibility of fans on the Facebook Page’s Wall, you can now enable alerts whenever someone posts or comments on your Page. To customize email notifications, simply go to “Edit Page “and click on “Your Settings,” where you can change the options for email notifications.

    Admin Interaction

    7) Your Facebook Page Can Interact with Other Pages using “Use Facebook As Page.”

    You now have the option to use Facebook as the Page you administer. Essentially, this means your Brand’s activity on Facebook is not limited to your own brand Page anymore, offering new ways for your brand to extend its presence on Facebook. To use Facebook as your Page,  go to the “Account” tab and select “Use Facebook as Page.” You are now navigating and using Facebook as the page rather than as your Facebook Profile. This enables the Page’s likes and comments to show up in the notifications bar rather than your Profile’s notifications.


    With this change, Pages can now like other Pages, enhancing the interactivity among brands. For Pages your Page has liked, you will now be able to comment on them as the Facebook Page itself rather than just using your personal Profile. Pages can’t comment on walls or statuses with user Profiles, unless a user has set their privacy settings to allow everybody access to their content, but this greatly enhances a  brand’s ability to interact on the site. Be aware that you will need to manually toggle back to your profile under the Account tab using “Switch Back to Profile” to interact on Facebook as yourself.

    8) Your Page Gets a News Feed.

    When you select to use Facebook as your Page, you will view a news feed that will filter content from Pages that your Page has liked. This will help you better filter and view news from other Pages and extend the brand’s Page presence by commenting on and sharing the content from other Pages, such as publications and thought leaders.

    9) Admins Can Comment on Page with Personal Profile.

    In the past, Facebook Page administrators were limited to interacting on the Pages they administered as the Page itself. But, now they will have the option to interact as a personal Facebook Profile on the brand’s Facebook page as well. This will allow you to interject more of your individual personality and presence into your brand’s Facebook presence.

    10) You can Feature Page Admins for More Transparency.

    Have you ever gone to a Facebook fan Page and wondered who manages it? Now, you can give more transparency to your Facebook Page admin by highlighting their personal Profile on the Page itself, giving a face to your brand. Though this gives the brand more transparency, keep in mind that many people use their personal Facebook Profile just to interact with friends and family. So, you should think through whether or not you want to promote administrators’ Profiles on the Page. Ask them how they feel, and talk about the implications this change would create, like how to administrators should handle potential friend requests from consumers.

    All of these changes amount to more opportunity and flexibility for Facebook Pages. But some of them also require more strategic thinking to determine exactly how your business can use Facebook to connect with local consumers and engage with your community. So, before you make the switch (or before it’s made for you on March 10), take some time to consider these updates and the implications they’ll have for how you’re using Facebook to market your business online.

    Bonus: Here’s a helpful Pages manual Facebook provided that outlines some key terms and changes to help you understand the updates. Thanks to John Jantz of DuctTape Marketing for highlighting this great resource.

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    For more help using social media to market your business, contact ReachLocal to learn about the full-service ReachCast solution.

    About the Author
    Tiffany Monhollon writes about social media, marketing, and small business success as the lead blogger for ReachCast, a service that helps local business owners develop their web presence.

    Be My #SocialValentine and Share the Like! [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Valentine's Day is just around the corner! As businesses large and small prepare to make the most of the marketing opportunities the holiday offers, we wanted to give you the opportunity to share the "Like" as social media lingo goes. So, we created Valentines messages inspired by the social web for you to enjoy and share with your own social network online.

    UPDATE: We've created a fun YouTube version of the cards with a swanky Valentine's song for you to enjoy and share as well!

    Share the Like!
    Feel free to spread the like by sharing the image with your network online! Blog it, upload it to Facebook and tag your friends, or share it on Twitter and LinkedIn!

    From all of us at ReachCast and ReachLocal, may your Valentine's Day be full of "Like!"

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    About the Author
    Tiffany Monhollon writes about social media, marketing, and small business success as the lead blogger for ReachCast, a service that helps local business owners develop their web presence.


    How to Claim your Local Business on Foursquare

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Foursquare recently upgraded its local business pages to help businesses better market themselves to local consumers. With the popularity of social media and 24/7 mobile connectivity, Foursquare has reached over 6 million users in the last year. And now it’s even easier and more rewarding for local businesses to join a location based service to connect with more local consumers.

    Creating a Foursquare page for your business is simple. If you don’t already have an account on Foursquare, you can create a new one, or sign up using your existing Facebook account. Then, follow these three simple steps and you’ll be well on your way to driving more visits, engagement, and word of mouth from social and mobile consumers in your local area.

    1. Claim Your Business

    To claim your business on Foursquare, search for it by typing in your business name and city in the provided search field at the top of the page. If your business does not show up in the search results, scroll to the bottom of the results page and click “Add a New Venue to Foursquare,” then fill out the required information to get your company listed.

    Conversely, if your business does appear in the search results, click the link to view your business page. Then, click the “Claim my Business” button located in the top right-hand corner, shown in the above image (1).  Once you’ve added or claimed your venue, you can update it by editing key business information like your physical address, phone number, and business hours (2), as well as by adding links to your website and Twitter account (3), which gives consumers even more venues for engaging with you online. 

    2. Create a Superb Special

    One unique feature that makes Foursquare popular with businesses and customers alike is the ability to offer specials or discounts to fans. To entice people to check in, you can create a special that is automatically displayed to your Foursquare customers, like “20% off your meal when you check in 5 times.” Offering discounts for first-time or multiple check-ins is a great way to get new customers to your venue and to encourage loyal customers to visit more often and bring their friends.  You should also create a special offer for the “mayor,” or most frequent visitor, such as a free drink or 50% off their next in-store purchase. Need some inventive ideas? Consider offering one of these creative Foursquare specials, like a reserved parking spot for the mayor.

     3. Measure Your Results

    Last, use the built-in analytics tool to collect and use data about your Foursquare customers. The site’s Venue Stats tool offers real-time data about the customers who check in to your business, like their demographics, frequency of visits, time of day breakdown, and more. This lets you see how your presence on the site is impacting actual customer visits and use your results to tweak your marketing efforts.

    You Joined Foursquare – Now What?

    Now that your business is active on Foursquare, follow some of these best practices to get more customers through your door.

    • Promote your business. Use other marketing methods – like your website, social media pages, emails, and in-store signage (like a poster or window decal) – to tell customers to check in.  
    • Change your specials frequently to entice new customers to try your business and keep existing customers coming back.
    • Educate your staff on how to redeem specials and provide great customer service. This will drive repeat visits and encourage customers to share great tips about your business with other users.
    • Combine marketing tactics. Ask customers who check in to also leave you a review on Yelp, follow your other social accounts, or to share their check-ins on Facebook or Twitter, driving more positive reviews and word of mouth.
    • Track and target customers. Use data from the site’s analytics to create targeted specials and reach out to more local consumers.

    Get More from Foursquare

    One of the draws for customers to check in to local businesses is to collect badges. Take advantage of this competitive aspect of this application and host a swarm badge party, like AJ Bombers burger joint in Milwaukee did.  Get 50 or more people to check in to your venue – your customers will earn their badges and you’ll benefit from a whole swarm of new and existing customers.

    There you have it – the simple way to claim your local business on Foursquare to connect with local online and mobile consumers. If you have any questions or want to learn more about getting started, visit or read the Foursquare for Business FAQs.  

    Have you claimed your business on Foursquare? Let us know how it is helping your local business in the comments section.

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    About the Author
    Tamara Farley helps equip local business owners with information about local online advertising, social media marketing, and more as a blogger for ReachCast and ReachLocal.

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